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Both snagged from [ profile] tuuli_chan.

Meme the First: List the first sentences of ten of your favorite books. Have your friends guess which books they are!

Mostly children's/young adult novels here... )

Meme the Second: Are you a book lover? A TV freak? A movie aficionado? Put your mind to the test, and list some of your favorite fictional characters - one for each letter of the alphabet.

Basically, I stuck to characters in books or plays I've read. )

::phew:: Yes, the letter X has defeated me. ^_^;

Hope you're all well!
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Purloined from the journals of [ profile] gravenimaj and, I think, [ profile] caitirin:

Go to In the Search box, enter the year you graduated high school. The first item returned should be the 100 most popular songs from that year. Cut and paste them into your journal.

Bold the ones you like.
Underline your favorite.
Strike through the songs you loathe.
Gray out ones you totally don't remember

100 top hits(?) of the year I graduated high school...long, looong ago... )
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Way back when, [ profile] fish_are_evil tagged me for the One-True-Pairing meme. I'm finally getting around to it. Deep down, I don't cling to "true pairings" for series; good writing ofen trumps pairing preference. Still, there *are* pairings I particularly like, so...

follow the yellow brick cut....  )
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It's the Interests Suggestion Meme! Nicked from the journal of [ profile] girltypefuuma.

Based on the interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests... )

Aaaand it's the next stop on the Drabble Express: InuYasha!

Title: Sincere Regret
Rating: G
Category: General
Pairings: InuKag
Summary: A moonless night; nostalgia by the campfire. 87-word drabble.
Warnings: None.
Spoilers: For first few episodes of series.
Disclaimer: Non est mihi InuYasha. Tota gloria Rumikoni sit.

Kagome and I are both sorry )

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