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Author’s Note: My attempt to write a fic for a request by [ profile] ferretgirl_1124 here on fic_on_demand--it didn't wind up satisfying the terms of the request, alas.
Title: Secret Bases
Fandom: Fruits Basket
Rating: K+ for mild teen angst.
Pairings: a bit o' Kyou/Tohru here, a bit o' Yuki/Tohru there…
Summary: Set somewhere during manga vol. 9 (after the end of term, just before the momentous visit to the summer home).
Disclaimer: Heigh-ho, nobody home, Furuba copyright have I none, still will I be merry...

sun-glow through flapping sheets )

This feels pretty rough—I'm passing the hat for suggested revisions. I find Yuki hard to write, partly because—as of manga vol. 12—Takaya's still withholding key information on what makes him tick.

In other news, I'd like to tout the virtues of!

What is it?
--An online location for your bookmarked websites, so you can retrieve them from any Internet connection
--A flexible system for organizing bookmarks (you assign subject tags--then, if you click on one of the tag labels, it will retrieve all the sites with that tag).
--A way to share your favorite sites with others!

[ profile] lislemck posted about it some time back, but I just got around to setting up my own account (take a look!). And boy, is it fun--not to mention a lot easier to deal with than the Internet Explorer favorites-folder system.
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In which I drabble my way recklessly into another fandom...

Series: Hikaru no Go
Disclaimer: Ah, if only.
Author’s Note: My first Hikago ficcage. These drabbles cling pretty closely to the anime storyline. Literary concrit (as well as Go-accuracy-concrit) is earnestly desired.
Titles: Pre-Flight; Six and a half; Siege
Rating/ Category: K, introspective genfic with a hint of shounen-ai.
Characters/Pairings: Shinichiro Isumi and Yoshitaka Waya.
Summary: Isumi's back, Waya's off track. Three drabbles (each 100 words).
Warnings/Spoilers: For later episodes of anime (they're set just after Isumi comes back from his stay in China).

Pre-Flight )


Six and a half )


Siege )

Crossposted to [ profile] igo_yaoi.
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Fruits Basket drabble: Bounce )

* * * * *

Fruits Basket drabble: Inventory )

* * * * *

And--finally dusted off and finished after a year or more of patient waiting among my files...

Yu-Gi-Oh Shizuka introspecti-fic: Still Waters )

All the above are crossposted to my account.
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Title: Lächeln
Fandom: Fruits Basket
Rating: K
Category: General
Pairings: None in particular
Summary: Momiji makes use of his memories. 100-word drabble.
Spoilers: For Vol. 4 of the Fruits Basket manga.
Disclaimer: Natsuki Takaya created and owns Fruits Basket; this fanfic is merely a tribute to her work.

Smiles are seashells Momiji collects )
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Probably everyone else came across this before me, but I just gotta trumpet it to the world:


And here's a low-key Vampire Game story that I hope to post to ffdn at some point. Suggestions for improvement, especially from those familiar with the series, are humbly requested. ::cough [ profile] cairnsy and [ profile] misura cough::

'It is the greatest honor of my life, my lady.' He almost meant it. )
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Fandom: Fruits Basket
Disclaimer: Natsuki Takaya fecit Qualum Frugum.
Title: Ripples and reflections
Rating: K
Category: Angstlet (ze ficlet of angst)
Pairings: Shigure + Mayu; one-sided Mayu/Hatori.
Summary: Jellyfish have feelings too.
Spoilers: For Mayu's flashback in Vol. 10 of the manga.
Author’s Note: 100-word drabble with a goofy title. Ah well.

This could be the greatest lesson of Shigure's college years. )

I've fallen in love with this webcomic (found via the rich list of links on the website of [ profile] bakashoujiki):

No Rest for the Wicked

It twines together various familiar fairytales in a smoky new blend--I have no idea what the outcome's going to be! The art (mostly in black and white and shades of gray) has a manga feel.
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It's the Interests Suggestion Meme! Nicked from the journal of [ profile] girltypefuuma.

Based on the interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests... )

Aaaand it's the next stop on the Drabble Express: InuYasha!

Title: Sincere Regret
Rating: G
Category: General
Pairings: InuKag
Summary: A moonless night; nostalgia by the campfire. 87-word drabble.
Warnings: None.
Spoilers: For first few episodes of series.
Disclaimer: Non est mihi InuYasha. Tota gloria Rumikoni sit.

Kagome and I are both sorry )
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Because one drabble just isn't enough…

Fandom is Vampire Game by Judal, the latest of my addictions.

Aren't you the sweet widdle kyawl kittums? Aren't you? )
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I wanted to try my hand at a Maison Ikkoku drabble. Behold.

the sound of early-morning sweeping )

Also hammered out a ficlet for the [ profile] utenadrabble community, made (more or less) to specifications for [ profile] sansenmage:


Will probably post both to fanfiction dot net eventually.

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