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Well, actually, I nabbed it from [ profile] chez_maltesers:

Comment and I'll give you a letter; then you have to list 10 things you love that begin with that letter. Afterward, post this in your journal and give out some letters of your own.

She gave me the letter R. Here goes!

1. I love "R" itself--so satisfying to articulate; several of my favorite Romance languages (notably French and Spanish) make extensive use of it. Flipped, rolled or trilled, it's a great, richly textured sound that comes trippingly off the tongue.

2. Relatives, naturally--can't imagine my life without their loving, goofy, sometimes challenging but always valued presence. Also, props to a certain brother-in-law, the only specifically "R" person in the group!

3. Rounds--a musical form impossible except in community; spiritually centering to sing and exciting to teach.

4. There's a whole wonderful class of sound effects beginning with R that I particularly like, maybe because of the feel of natural forces and movement to them--ruffle, rustle, rumble, rush.

5. Roots, rivers, rebirth, regrowth, rotating, reaching: concepts, simultaneously entwined with and rising out of earth, that hold immense power for me.

Now entering fandom territory:

6. Revolutionary Girl Utena: One of my first and still dearly beloved anime fandoms. Wacky humor mixed with pathos; surreal symbolism; exploration of gender roles, power and sexuality; and the underlying mischief of fairytales and allegory, daring us to figure out what the series REALLY means.

7. Ren Tsuruga from Skip Beat!: My fears that he was going to be a "too perfect" love interest for protagonist Kyoko died the moment the latter first takes terrified note of his "lying gentlemanly smile." Their interactions grow increasingly comic as the story develops--and at the same time, stir up an affection for them that's only deepened by their flaws.

8. Rosemary Sutcliff for grabbing hold of my nine-year-old imagination and expanding my knowledge of history through her engrossing, poignant, emotionally vivid historical novels for children (some of my favorites: The Eagle of the Ninth, about Roman Britain; Knight's Fee, set in the time of the Normans in England; and Blood Feud, which follows a pair of Vikings from Scandinavia to Constantinople. Sutcliff also earned my eternal gratitude for sending me a handwritten, thoughtfully considered aerogramme in response to a letter I sent as one of those "write to a public figure you admire" assignments in high school.

9. Rugelach: When baked fresh, it's a melt-in-your mouth morsel of pastry, folded over several times to protect the flavorful fruits, nuts and spices hidden within.

10. Rest: It's something I put off, skimp on, yet adore when I finally let myself settle into it. What can I say, it restoreth my soul.

::sets out a sign:: I've got a whole alphabet of letters here, hand-picked and appetizing! Any takers?
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