Sep. 11th, 2006

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I interrupt my regular silence for a brief post. A musical goodie--"Ballad of the White Seal Maid," written by Jane Yolen and set to music/performed by Lui Collins--reposes beneath the cut for your downloading pleasure, provided you hop to it within the next six days.

for selkie's my nature and name )

I uploaded the song for some friends following a conversation about selkies in general. Coincidentally, I'd also recently read this Prince of Tennis fanfic: "The Skin of a Seal" by [ profile] kish_t_rethya. I recommend it for its wonderful job of capturing both the nature of the PoT characters and the wistful feeling of selkie mythology.

Not much to report about this summer--it's been up and down, busy and not. A few more fandoms have been added to my repertoire, though I haven't worked on fanfic (or other creative writing) in ages. I'm still at the same library branch. My cat continues lovely and marmalade-colored with smidgens of cream. My parents moved into a retirement community, meaning the house I (partly) grew up in has passed from our family. The singing group I'm part of has worked on some glorious songs lately, including an a cappella version of "Love is a Fearsome Thing" by Judy Small.

::waves a friendly flipper, then sinks beneath the surface again::

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