Jan. 4th, 2006

sarasusa: (sai from HnG artbook)
Author’s Note: My attempt to write a fic for a request by [livejournal.com profile] ferretgirl_1124 here on fic_on_demand--it didn't wind up satisfying the terms of the request, alas.
Title: Secret Bases
Fandom: Fruits Basket
Rating: K+ for mild teen angst.
Pairings: a bit o' Kyou/Tohru here, a bit o' Yuki/Tohru there…
Summary: Set somewhere during manga vol. 9 (after the end of term, just before the momentous visit to the summer home).
Disclaimer: Heigh-ho, nobody home, Furuba copyright have I none, still will I be merry...

sun-glow through flapping sheets )

This feels pretty rough—I'm passing the hat for suggested revisions. I find Yuki hard to write, partly because—as of manga vol. 12—Takaya's still withholding key information on what makes him tick.

In other news, I'd like to tout the virtues of


What is it?
--An online location for your bookmarked websites, so you can retrieve them from any Internet connection
--A flexible system for organizing bookmarks (you assign subject tags--then, if you click on one of the tag labels, it will retrieve all the sites with that tag).
--A way to share your favorite sites with others!

[livejournal.com profile] lislemck posted about it some time back, but I just got around to setting up my own account (take a look!). And boy, is it fun--not to mention a lot easier to deal with than the Internet Explorer favorites-folder system.

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