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The other night, [ profile] jobiska and I laughed ourselves silly (-er?) over this site:

Harry Potter - The Musical(s)

A lot of the songs are impressively singable!

I couldn't help but be inspired.

Draco's Lament

Shallow, vicious snot
That's the part I've got
Born of a simplistic mind...

Nothing but a foil
Just like Crabbe and Goyle--
Victimizing weaklings is no way to shine!

Alas, poor me, had I remained
disdainful from afar
My rep would not have been so stained;
Who knows, I even may have gained
top billing with the Scar.

Ah, 'twill never be. Mediocrity
Rowling can't do shades of gray.
Bored beyond belief,
Potter's comic relief--oh!
Frozen, formulaic,
This way I must stay.

...And yet, of course, there's always a plot loophole, ha-ha!
I've got a great assignment from the Lord, ha-ha!
You'll see that I'm adept at greater evil, ha-ha!
No longer will I languish here ignored...

Enough, enough
of being basely fearful
I'll show my Pureblood stuff
(Who says they've seen me tearful?)
Aha ha ha ha,
Ha, ha, ha,
hahahaha! [etc.]

Musical: Candide (Leonard Bernstein)
Tune: "Glitter and Be Gay"

Date: 2006-02-01 03:18 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Heh! I got this image of him standing on a cliff at the end, cackling madly while waves crash and everything.

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