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Because I got tagged by [ profile] bakashoujiki...

List ten things that make you happy in no particular order and then tag five friends...

1. Friendly/caring/loving touch. Being an inhibited, shy, single person makes pursuit of this variety of happiness somewhat challenging.

2. Being creative--whether writing or doing art or convincing myself to cook once in a while.

3. Dancing--international folk dancing especially.

4. Relaxing with family--being our wacky, "playing-off-each-other" selves. Despite all our angst, there are times when we laugh ourselves silly--and I love that about us.

5. Hanging out with friends.

6. Watching anime and reading manga and manhwa--and sharing my enthusiasm for them with other (interested!) people.

7. Singing, by myself or with others.

8. Reading aloud--picture books, Shakespeare, poetry, other stuff.

9. Feeling like I'm doing my job well at work:
*connecting patrons with the books they want/information they need
*helping someone become more confident around computers
*getting kids involved with books/songs during storytime
*having conversations (both lighthearted and serious) with children and teens.

10. Being at peace with myself, with others, with my surroundings--"still and cool in the mind" if I want to get all Quakerly.

And for good measure, two pilfered from [ profile] bakashoujiki:
11. "Receiving comments and email." To which I'd add: And real, *personal* snail mail? Makes for a red-letter day.

12. "Clean things. I hate cleaning, but I love the result." Once I really get into the swing of cleaning, I actually often enjoy it. You wouldn't know it looking at my apartment, though! Kind of related to this: Puttering around the house gives me a surprising amount of satisfaction.

Tagging five friends? Hmmm...

::eyes friendslist::

[ profile] lediz * [ profile] rayemars * [ profile] jobiska * [ profile] fish_are_evil * [ profile] sheron * [ profile] cairnsy * [ profile] cheeky_duckie * [ profile] tuuli_chan * [ profile] kay_cricketed * [ profile] fourth_moon * [ profile] murinae

That's if y'all feel like doing it. And any of the rest of you-uns who want to try it, consider yourselves summarily TAGGED!


[ profile] sarasusa, who used to be able to count

...and who will make the necessary posts to [ profile] goal_posts soon, I promise you, [ profile] fourth_moon!
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